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A semi-detached Riverdale home gets an energy-efficient retrofit and a clean modern look. See how we trandsformed it  into a bright, expansive home.

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The Clients  lived in the house for  fifteen years prior to embarking on this renovation. The space felt familiar but dated and out of step with their lifestyle.

Their first idea was to add a third storey to create the spaciousness that the house lacked. They wanted an open main floor where they could entertain in style and the pokey old second floor washroom simply had to go.

The windows were in need of replacement and the interior of the small house felt dark and confined due to lack of natural light. Early in the Design phase, we were able to show the Clients that we could achieve the sense of space and openness that they desired without adding the expense of the third storey. Instead,  we proposed  enclosing the front porch to capture the underused space for an all-season vestibule which allows the  main floor to be dedicated to Living, Dining, and Kitchen areas.

The result is that coats, boots, and accessories are neatly tucked away out of sight and the tired front facade got a beautiful new modern look.


  • The main floor was opened up front to back. Large new windows and a full-lite door were added to the rear of the house at the kitchen to take advantage of the views toward the expertly landscaped rear yard.
  • The kitchen was upgraded to a series of lower cabinets and a sleek pantry that sits quietly behind the door to the back deck. Walnut niches provide a space to showcase art. The lack of upper cabinets helped keep the small kitchen feeling tidy and spacious. A hidden desk space was incorporated into part of the millwork – a practical and streamlined feature.
  • The staircase was replaced with an industrial-inspired open-riser stair with a skylight at the top to help bring light down the centre of the plan.
  • Upstairs, the bedrooms were given generous closets so the rooms could be free of dressers and wardrobes. The Master Bedroom had a generous amount of available height that had been limited by a low ceiling. The ceiling was opened up as high as possible and a skylit loft overlooking the Master was built over top of the closets.
  • The bathroom had been a dark and crowded room and was made larger, brighter, and fresher with the addition of a skylight over the shower, a new window and carefully chosen finishes.

Green Design

  • Smart design makes better use of the existing space and eliminate the need for a third storey
  • Tightly sealed exterior with careful attention to sealing all the gaps that most Builders miss
  • New energy-efficient, durable, and handsome fibreglass windows•Zero-VOC paints throughout
  • ‘Richlite’ FSC certified paper + resin counters
  • Responsibly sourced domestic white oak floors
  • Eco-sensitive low VOC oil finish on the floors
  • Maximize use of natural daylight with strategically placed skylights and new windows
  • Open up previously un-used space
  • Beautiful, energy sipping LED lighting throughout
  • Natural woods and robust finishes that will age gracefully for decades to come
  • Retro-fitted the existing heating system to provide much better comfort and balanced heat
  • Replaced the inefficient A/C with a compact high efficiency unit, saving energy and space

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