• Modern green design
  • A panorama is juxtaposed on a simple computer model with existing trees
  • A Moonrise compas chart is overlaid the building site.
  • Excavation of a sandy soil site - ready for the foundation of a modern designed home.
  • 14 Wards - Foundation
  • 14 Wards - Framing 01
  • Modern architecture and green design
  • 14 Wards - Porch w siding
  • 14 Wards - Front w siding

This beautiful Ward’s Island home is a two story modern design island home crafted to meet the client’s wide ranging requirements from a “kitchen to dance in” and a bathtub to relax in while gazing at the moon.

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The clients, the owner of a specialty organic food store and an avid nature photographer / outdoorsman, wanted a home to reflect their passions. It was important to the homeowners that their new modern home fit well into the surrounding community. Other priorities included sustainable design, specifically including the preservation of existing trees and a focus on healthy materials and finishes. Working closely together, The Architect Builders Collaborative helped them design their airy and light filled home.

The result, a beautiful, well proportioned modern home that blends into the surrounding community and environment.


The covered porch creates a connection to the community and brings guests directly into the heart of the home, the kitchen. It is the spirit of the house. The kitchen is large enough to dance in yet well proportioned with view out all four directions

The stair location and a tall window frame and celebrate a rare specimen black walnut tree.

The foundation is a hybrid between a standard crawlspace foundation and pier footings in order to protect two existing on site trees. To avoid damaging the root systems the final location of the piers were determined on site by hand digging. The structure was pre-designed to accommodate the flexibility required. This allowed an increase in floor space while saving the existing feature trees, an important client requirement.

A re-installed claw-foot tub, is prominently located in the master bedroom based on a seasonal lunar chart provided by the client. This led to window locations that provide stunning views of the night sky while maintaing privacy. A skylight carefully positioned extends the vista and views of the tree canopy. A private balcony provides a more visible panorama.

Green Design

The Ward’s Island Home features FSC certified Bamboo flooring, In-floor Radiant Heating, low energy LED lighting, and the re-use of the existing stove and claw-foot bathtub. Wood roof decking was salvaged and is repurposed as a floating ceiling providing a memory from the previous family home.

Location: Ward’s Island – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Status: In Construction

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