Is this the Opportunity you have been waiting for?

Collaborative Architecture is currently hiring one or two Intermediate Architectural Designers for our Toronto or Kitchener studios.

Just the facts, please:

  • A salary range of $60,000 to $75,000 (based on your skills & experience)
  • PLUS a Serious Profit sharing plan – Typically worth $5k – $15k p.a.
  • Flexible work schedule averaging 38.5 hrs/wk over 4 week periods
  • ALL work is paid work – no unpaid overtime. Ever.
  • 3 weeks vacation and a generous Paid Personal Time Off policy
  • Personalized support and mentoring to achieve your professional development goals

We know that this position won’t suit everyone. Here are A FEW REASONS NOT TO WORK with Collaborative Architecture:

  1. You like the comfort of doing the same thing every day, and working on the same kinds of projects again and again.
  2. You think ‘Sustainable Design’ is, well boring – and really just for losers who can’t design anyways.
  3. You love working alone in your condo and never want to work in a studio again.

Any of these sound like you? Then stop wasting your time and Good Luck in your job search!

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  • Your colleagues (and boss) share and respect your vision for a more sustainable world.
  • You love the energy and support you get from working with like-minded people – I mean actually WITH them, like in the same studio kind of ‘with’ – on a regular basis.
  • You have great design ideas that are welcomed and often integrated into the studio’s projects .
  • You seek and can take on more responsibility for your own projects, working with the Clients to help them realize their dreams.
  • You are rewarded for your efforts and ideas with a share in the profits.
  • You believe deeply in the value of collaboration and cooperation to achieve more lasting results than competition ever will.
  • You love to learn new skills, take on new challenges, and push yourself to new heights of achievements.


And we’re ready to grow… What about you?

We value Diversity in the Workplace:

At Collaborative Architecture, we believe that diversity supports great designs.

We welcome people of all backgrounds, gender, and abilities who what to help find solutions to climate change through making great green buildings.

COLLABORATIVE ARCHITECTURE is not only our new name, but it reflects what we believe in and how we roll. You might know us by our old name: The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc. which was not only a mouthful but also led people to think that we’re design-builders instead of Architects, and above all, really good Collaborators.

Here are some of the ways we at COLLABORATIVE ARCHITECTURE like to put our core values of COLLABORATION and RESPECT into practice every day as we create Architecture for a Healthy Planet.

  • We COLLABORATE with each other to critique and improve designs and learn from each other’s strengths.
  • We COLLABORATE with a great team of Engineers, Designers, and other Consultants who share our belief in making beautiful low carbon and energy efficient buildings.
  • We COLLABORATE with other Architects to share knowledge and support each other in helping to transform Toronto and Southern Ontario housing into net-zero, and beyond zero carbon home of all types.
  • We COLLABORATE with our amazing Clients to help them turn their dreams and wishes into a beautiful, healthy reality.
  • We RESPECT each other, support each other, learn from each other, are secure in our own place on the team and confident that our successes depends on yours.
  • We RESPECT the planet and all the other species that we share it with as stewards, not Owners of the lands we inhabit.
  • We RESPECT our Clients wishes and budgets to make low carbon living affordable living.

We are a Team of 13 carbon warriors lead by MCs [Master Collaborators] Daniel Hall and Paul Dowsett with Project Architects Ana Gascon Marco, Sandra Iskandar, and Dan Malka.

We work together in a beautiful light-filled studio in Leslieville and also a cool co-working space in the heart of Kitchener. Of course some of the time we work remotely from home connected by MS Teams and great IT support. Some of our gang have worked at times from a beach in Mexico, family homes in Germany, cottages in the Muskokas & Haliburton, and the ski slopes of the Austrian Alps. Most of us, most of the time, though prefer to collaborate in person and even, believe it or not, pick up a real pencil and trace to share our design ideas.

We are currently looking for one or two talented, passionate Intermediate Designers to join our team – based at either of our Toronto or Kitchener studios.

This opportunity is only available to someone who:

Has A Great Attitude that includes at least 4 or 5 of the following:

  • You enjoy working together to solve problems and complete projects
  • You are passionate about doing your part to fight Climate Change with low / no carbon buildings
  • You seek out meaningful and challenging work that makes people’s lives better
  • You enjoy having some structure to follow and clear expectations
  • You constantly seek ways to improve what you are doing
  • You welcome feedback from your colleagues to make better designs
  • You enjoy learning new skills
  • You enjoy learning from your Clients and helping them express their ideas

Has these Essential Skills & Experience:

  • At least 5 years work experience in an Architecture practice
  • At least 3 years working with 3D BIM software – ArchiCAD, Revit, etc.
  • Ability to produce renderings
  • Thorough knowledge of Part 9 & 12 of the OBC
  • Familiarity with MS Office tools
  • Excellent oral communication
  • Ability to learn new skills quickly
  • Strong time management skills

The more of these additional skills you have, the better!

  • A strong design sense
  • Experience with OBC Parts 3,10, & 11
  • Interior Design skills
  • Great sketching and illustration
  • ArchiCAD experience
  • Great writing skills
  • Ability to teach and coach others
  • Interest in being part of the development of the practice
  • A passion for social justice
  • An understanding of how wood framed buildings are put together
  • Hands-on construction experience
  • Ability to critique others design work in a collaborative manner

Sound like you?

Want to know more about what this job is REALLY like?

We thought you might be, so here’s a look at a typical day:

On any given day, you might find yourself working on some of:

  • Sketching design iterations
  • Preparing presentation materials for clients
  • Preparing permit, costing, and construction drawings in ArchiCAD
  • Liaising with builders and consultants (calls & emails)
  • Site visits to review construction in progress
  • Answering client calls and meeting with clients
  • Reviewing the building code and municipal zoning bylaws
  • Finding and determining building materials and specifications for projects
  • Assisting other staff in work on projects

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