Garden Suite, Backyard House, ADU, Granny Flat, Coachhouse, Laneway House, Secondary Dwelling Unit…..

Call them what you will, they are all a House-behind-a-House and since the passing of the 2019 ‘More Homes, More Choice Act’, municipalities across Ontario have been stepping up and creating more options for Homeowners to build a secondary, smaller house-behind-a-house. The rules around what a ‘Garden Suite’, to use Toronto’s term, can be will vary from town to town, but they all share some common characteristics. 

From an environmental perspective, Garden Suites provide an opportunity to add gentle density, optimize our use of existing investments in infrastructure, rejuvenate aging neighbourhoods, and add much needed rental housing to the market across the Province. Furthermore, they don’t rely on large developers, but instead provide many ordinary Ontarian’s with a safe means to invest in rental housing and in the future of our own communities.

The Architect Builders Collaborative has taken a deep interest in this form of gentrification with the several laneway house projects nearing completion and in design. We have also developed a series of low cost ‘ready-to-build’ green designs to suit the common requests for this kind of new housing.

Some Common questions our clients have about Laneway Housing in Toronto:

  • Can I build a laneway house on my lot?
  • Can a laneway house be fully accessible?
  • Can I keep my parking spot?
  • What will this cost to build?
  • What about Solar power and Net-Zero homes?
  • What makes a laneway House eco-friendly?
  • Can I get funding to make it affordable?
  • How will it adapt as our needs change? 

The top 4 reasons people want Laneway Houses in Toronto:

What’s YOUR reason?

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Ready-to-build Laneway House/Suite Designs in Toronto

We have developed three prototypical designs for Laneway Houses that can be easily adapted to most laneway sites. You can choose from one of 3 types – The “Classic Coachhouse”, The “Garden Cottage”, and The “Bungalane”.

What’s different about our research is our core focus on green design. In particular, we are showing that Net-Zero laneway houses are not only possible, but practical to build, and that even a Passive House or Living Building Challenge certified ultra green laneway house can be achieved.