These instructions are designed for our external collaborators who received an invitation to one of our SharePoint sites. You only need to use these instructions if your email address isn’t associated with a Microsoft account or tenant.

How do I know if I already have an account?

You might already have a Microsoft account with the email address you’re using. You have a Microsoft tenant if you use Outlook and Teams at work, you don’t need these instructions, just sign in with your Work or School account.

If you use the same email address to sign into OneDrive, Skype, Xbox, or Windows on your personal devices, you don’t need these instructions, you can just sign in with your personal Microsoft account.

Create a Microsoft account – optional

The easiest method to regularly access sites we share with you is to register for a free Microsoft account. Visit this link and enter your current email address to register. You won’t need a new email address.

Use one-time codes

If you can’t or don’t want to create a Microsoft account, you can use one-time codes emailed to you to sign in. Follow these steps:

Visit the link that invites you to access the SharePoint Site. When prompted to log-in use the email address where you received the invitation from us and click next.

Click the ‘Other ways to sign in’ link in the bottom left corner of the login dialog:

Select the option to send you an email. If you have used your email address with other organizations before, those email addresses might appear in the list too:

Microsoft will email you with a single-use one-time code. Copy-paste the code into the field on the next page. You can opt to stay signed in if prompted.