“The greenest building…. is one that is already built.” – Carl Elefante

Green Design takes many forms and the repurposing or rejuvenating of existing buildings will play an increasingly important role in both reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings and at the same time preserving our rich urban heritage. Besides, old buildings are often just really cool to work with and be in!

Adaptive Reuse refers to taking older (often ‘heritage’) buildings and renovating them to fufil a new purpose different from the function they were first intended to fulfil. The experience we have gained from planning & designing such renovations also plays into our new designs in the form of a ‘loose fit for a long life’  Retrofitting older buildings to meet our goals for comfort and energy efficiency brings its own set of challenges that The Architect Builders Collaborative have risen to over the years.

Let’s make something affordable and sustainable together.