At Collaborative Architecture we never forget that the buildings we are helping create belong to and will be used by You – the Client. While some firms adopt a “Love-it-or-List-it” approach to creating their next ‘masterpiece’ that will grace the covers of magazines and blogs, we anchor our design work in our Clients needs, wishes, and vision.

  • Our Process

Our process is really quite simple – we start each project with careful Listening. We listen to your dreams, needs, and goals. We listen to the local climate and your site to learn what lessons and inspiration they have for us. We listen to the regulators to understand their needs and concerns. And we listen to your budget as great green buildings should not require great budgets.

Over the years, we have honed our processes and find that although each project has its particular needs, most tend to unfold along the following lines.

Overview of a Typical Construction Project

  • Collaborations

Collaborative Architecture believes that cooperation and collaboration will always bring better results than competition and secrecy. Especially in the realm of making affordable green design and contributing our skills as designers to making a better world for all.

To that end, we have fostered numerous close collaborations with fellow Architects, Designers, Consultants, and Builders. Some of the most special ones include: Of Counsel

Similar to the legal professions, we use the term ‘Of Counsel’ to recognize fellow Architects with whom we have a special, ongoing, close relationship but who are not employees nor partners in the business. These are people with whom we work closely on projects and to whom we turn to for their expert advice and insights to complement our own areas of expertise

  • Our Story

Collaborative Architecture was created in 2009 with a vision to fight climate change through transforming our built environment with creative design. We believe that our homes and workplaces should be healthy, comfortable, efficient, and above all beautiful spaces to be in. Making, maintaining, and using our buildings should be a pleasure, and a benefit to both the people in our lives and the planet we all share.

We respond to our Clients needs and wishes with designs that respect the location, orientation, natural and cultural features of the site. Applying our creative design and experience to your project, we strive to build no more than what you need. Our Clients usually find that they can actually build less, but thus afford better quality as a result of our design work.