Kim-Marie Degenkolb | Jul 31, 2020

As Toronto’s population and housing prices both continue to skyrocket, laneway housing is becoming a popular option for Toronto’s residents. Laneway revitalization has enabled the city to create space for additional housing and the results can often transform a neighbourhood for the better.

Our newest laneway project is located in a vibrant neighbourhood just off Danforth Avenue in Toronto. This two story laneway suite is designed to host a variety of possible tenants, from families looking for a place to call home to young professionals seeking communal living.

And as if a laneway project in Toronto isn’t already exciting enough – this one is also modular! Composed of six modular units, our design ensures fast on-site assembly as well as a high quality build. The modular units are entirely fabricated off-site and are joined together on-site in less than a day! If you would like to learn more about modular construction, check out our latest article on the topic

The laneway facing facade includes a ribbon-like canopy design that visually connects the different modules and floors. Muted metal siding wraps around the south facade of the design, while white fibre cement boards create a neutral canvas for select local art to be displayed.

The first floor hosts an open concept living and dining area facing the backyard that is shared with the main house. Large tilt and turn windows create a seamless transition between the inside and outside spaces so residents can enjoy the beautiful backyard at all times.

The main feature of the space are bike storage poles that extend all the way to the roof of the building. With new bike lanes installed on Danforth Avenue and increased bike traffic in the area that indoor bike storage will come in handy!

The second floor houses three bedrooms with two shared bathrooms. The bedrooms looking towards the backyard gain privacy from a line of cedar trees and wooden fins on the exterior. Orange accents on the first floor facade celebrate the modular joints that are otherwise hidden in the rest of the design.

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