The modern tiny home movement is experiencing a transition from consumerism towards prefabrication and minimalism. With a perfectly clever space-saving design, an off-grid, year-round comfortable home can be fit in as small as a 400 sq ft (37 m² ) lot! 

Prior to establishing The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc., Daniel was a co-founder and director of Sustain Design Studio Inc. Together with Andy Thomson. Daniel and his partner designed this miniHome prototype. The clean modern interior design has garnered much praise since its launch at the 2006 National Home Show. 

CSA certified to comply with most Canadian Building Codes, this factory-built home can be permitted in many jurisdictions. Despite a tiny 345 sq ft foot sprint, this solar powered home has two queen size bedrooms and seems much larger than it actually is. This house was certainly cheaper, more eco-friendly, and quicker to build than traditional homes. 

Daniel sold his shares in Sustain Design Studio to Altius Architects who have since developed a few more larger models following our groundbreaking ’Solo’.

The success of miniHome inspired us to advocate more affordable, net-zero laneway housing in Toronto.  Our Green Architects and Designers are eager to the possibilities of green, modular homes that can fit most laneway sites and common needs, which can be easily made into net-zero or better. Head to our Laneway Housing page to check out our Laneway Housing Collection now!

By Siqi Cao

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