Kim Degenkolb I Sept 2021

Our 3 bedroom that we recently introduced to you in one of our previous blog posts has finally crossed the finish line and was recently put up on the market for rent. Let’s go for a tour of the finished suite! 

The laneway facade is clad in a mix of wood and metal.
The great room – a continuous millwork element connects living, dining, and cooking area.
A seating bench below the backyard window provides additional seating and storage while the window can be opened to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

The wetroom on the 2nd floor is an eye-catching feature of the laneway suite and provides plenty of space for roommates or families. Additionally residents can use a secondary bathroom on the second floor and a powder room on the first floor.
The stair – spine of the house – flooded with natural light from a skylight above.
One of the three bedrooms in the laneway suite.
The beautifully paved backyard is visually separated from the main house through a wooden screen to ensure privacy. 

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