Curious to learn about ADU’s and Backyard Homes in Kitchener? Join us for our Kitchener-based Seminar on Backyard Housing, Green Design, and Affordable Housing Solutions! This is the place to get your questions answered by our expert Architects, and begin your journey in sustainable housing.

You are probably wondering:

  • Can I build one on my lot?
  • How large can a backyard house be?
  • How tall? How many storeys?
  • Where can I build it?
  • Who can live there?
  • How do I provide water, drains, and power?
  • What about emergency access?
  • Can a backyard house be accessible?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What about climate change and green design?
  • What can a backyard house look like?

Next Steps:

TABC is providing you with the opportunity to get all of your garden suite related questions answered and find out if your property meets the criteria to build a garden suite in Kitchener! Come join Ana Gascon Marco, our Green Architect based in Kitchener at The Architect Builders Collaborative for our first Backyard Homes Seminar in Kitchener January 26th at 6:00pm at Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters!

To learn more about these affordable, green housing solutions: register now and click the link below!

Don’t forget to browse some of our previous projects like the GAGA Backyard Home to see some inspiration of what you could build in your own backyard!

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