We’ve had the opportunity to put a couple of our core values here at Collaborative Architecture into practice recently by sharing our insights on Carbon-as-Currency with our colleagues and allied building trades at a couple of events.

First up, in March, was the Guelph Boots on the Ground, otherwise known as BOG, gathering presented by Passive Buildings Canada and co-hosted by Collaborative Architecture with Evolve Builders Group. The popular BOG series are a networking event for Builders, trades, and design professionals working in the green building sector. Our Ana Gascon and Kim Degenkolb rocked the room with a presentation on how we are using the concept of carbon as a currency to help our Clients make informed decisions that align with their values (and ours!).

In mid-April, we took the Carbon-as-Currency show on the road to beautiful Camp Kawartha for the Ontario Natural Building Coalition annual conference. There amongst the trees and cabins on the shores of the lake, Kim and Daniel shared our latest research and facilitated a lively discussion around how we can use the new carbon estimating tools to make better decisions for low-carbon and high-impact buildings.

Contrary to what you may think, carbon is not always our enemy! In fact, we are carbon based lifeforms, so we literally can’t live without it!

It can help to distinguish three types of carbon: Living Carbon, Durable Carbon, and Fugitive Carbon. It’s that last one – the stuff that escapes into the atmosphere that we are trying to rein-in. Through a series of case studies, we shared our understanding as to how we can balance both operational and embodied carbon within our buildings. In turn, this helps our Clients choose the best way to implement sustainable and environmentally conscious building or renovation strategies. There is a variety of ways to ensure you are opting for the best choice for the planet!

If you want to learn more on these topics, check out the video of our BOG presentation:


Curious to learn more about how we can help you make better decisions on decarbonizing your home or building? Book a time to speak with Director of Design Daniel Hall below:

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