The Centre for Social Innovation has established a community of like-minded people to learn, grow, and create together.  Shared workspace and design studios are based at 192 Spadina Avenue in downtown Toronto.  The building is a renovated 100 year old former garment district building with heavy timber construction, columns and beams, wood floors, solid masonry exterior walls.

The project is a construction of Ramp and Stairs to make the Ground Floor space universally accessible from the street entrance (to approx. ½ level below grade).  The construction is all timber, using salvaged heavy timber sections dividing the ramped sections and providing informal seating for presentations.  The Ground Floor space is planned for public events and presentations.


Accessibility innovation – universal accessibility by generous ramp from street entrance combined with timber seating sections making an amphitheatre, meeting the requirements of the Ontario Building Code while forming an interior landscape   

Heritage innovation – heavy timber (Douglas Fir) sections salvaged from demolished 100 year old warehouse at Dundas and Carlaw Avenues; construction relates to existing building 

Sustainable innovation – recycling heavy timber, preserving embodied energy, reducing landfill; natural finish on wood (clear sealer) and welded steel guards and railings (oiled finish), linoleum floor finish made from linseed oil

Workspace innovation – accommodating future trends with flexible multi-use facilities, collaborative workspaces; old buildings to nurture new uses (Jane Jacobs)

Construction innovation – prefabrication of sections in shop, minimizing construction on-site in occupied building 

Design-process innovation – in the spirit of the Centre for Social Innovation, true collaboration with Design Team composed of Building Owner and Architects and Structural Engineer and Fabricator/Builder

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