Did you know that homes in Toronto account for roughly 30 percent of the city’s total carbon emissions? Since 2016, The Architect Builders Collaborative has been working on zero-carbon retrofit projects and have been developing more affordable strategies to help homeowners kick their gas meter to the curb and make their home zero-carbon!

Toronto’s Residents are taking initiative in the fight against climate change by decarbonizing their homes. (The Star, 2022)

One of our latest affordable decarbonization projects can be read about in this feature article by Francine Kopun in the Toronto Star. As part of the Zero-City series, Kopun writes about what our good friends from the Pocket Change Project are doing to make their neighbourhood an example of low-carbon living. Architect Paul Dowsett and the rest of the TABC team is excited to be part of this transformative work with these clients and others across the city.

Since the Pocket Change program has launched, we have received inquiries from climate-conscious home owners all over the city and are currently exploring multiple options for our clients. An air-tightness test and energy audit will help us determine a personalized approach for individual homes. Here is a list of some of the most cost- and carbon-effective measurements that we recommend:

  • Replacing existing gas furnace with an electric air source heat pump. This heating and cooling equipment will maintain your comfort, without the reliance on natural gas.
  • Improve your home’s air-tightness. This can be achieved by adding insulation to your basement and above-ground walls, as well as replacing your existing windows with high performance units.

Want to make a positive difference and decarbonize your home? All while saving money in the long run? TABC is proud to work on projects relating to decarbonizing homes: find out what your options are and book a consultation with one of our Architects today!

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