Help Us Save Ontario’s Green Development Standards!

The Ontario government has recently proposed the new More Homes Built Faster Act (Bill-23), which aims to speed up affordable housing construction. However, the act neglects the necessity for sustainability and energy efficiency requirements to ensure affordable, energy efficient, climate resilient housing. As a result, the act is threatening to kill all municipal green building standards in Ontario.

Over a dozen Ontario municipalities have introduced green development standards since 2010. All of these standards – including the Toronto Green Standard – have involved public consultations and received unanimous approval from city councils. This legislation, as drafted, will undermine all municipal and community progress and prevent our province from reaching important net-zero climate goals.

This legislation is being fast-tracked and has not been opened up to public consultation, which is why our friends at TAF are submitting this letter to the Premier, relevant Ministers, and the official opposition. If you agree that affordability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, we invite you to learn more and join us by signing this letter by 5pm on Monday, November 7th to ensure your voice is heard.  

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