Are you looking for the best way to heat your home?

PSA: Gas is out – electric heating is in! And no, we are not talking about those inefficient baseboard heaters. Our fellow team member and Architect Paul Dowsett has recently been featured in an article by Martha Uniacke Breen in the National Post that explains the newest electric heating technology and why it has a massive advantage over “natural gas” heating.

Why the air quotes? As the article states, the name natural gas was coined in the 90s to increase popularity. Back then, natural gas was seen as the affordable low-carbon solution, as electricity was mainly produced through oil and coal. However, today renewables play a large role in Ontario’s electrical grid and make it the lower carbon option.

Based on advancing technology, we strongly recommend replacing existing gas furnaces with an electric air source heat pump. This heating and cooling equipment will maintain your comfort, without the reliance on natural gas. The efficiency of an ASHP is roughly four times higher than that of a furnace, so you are looking at a lower energy consumption (and monthly bills!). In addition, look out for further incentives from your federal, provincial, and municipal governments, as they are working towards their climate goals and will help you save more money when making the switch.

Want to learn more about ASHPs and make a positive difference? All while saving money in the long run? TABC is proud to work on decarbonizing projects: find out what your options are and book a consultation with one of our Architects today!

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