Schematic Designs for a 3rd story addition over an existing 6 unit residential building.

The clients of this project are looking to create a bold statement about green design as they aim to turn their multi-unit building into a net zero example of what is possible. These wonderful people are also passionate about providing high quality rental accommodation, and contributing to a solution for the missing middle housing problem in Toronto. 

The intent for all design options was to maximize solar power generation, creating as large of a south facing roof as possible within Toronto Zoning Regulations.  The addition of balconies to the front facade increases the amenity space for tenants and promotes community connection.


This scheme integrates large operable shading screens into the design of the balconies to provide passive sun control and reduce heating/cooling loads on the building.  The result is a dynamic building facade with adjustable outdoor space for each unit.


This scheme also takes advantage of a “second skin” of balconies for solar control. This wood screen is static, and will be developed with use of sun studies to optimize the passive benefits. 


In this option, the new third floor shifts north, trading a small strip of interior space for an almost 20% increase in solar power generation. This shift also creates space for a north facing clerestory window, increasing fresh air and natural light within the centre of the plan.

Each scheme makes use of long spanning trusses in order to minimize disruption to the existing tenants below. These trusses are left exposed on the interior to provide ceiling space that is just tall enough for a small office mezzanine.

We are also exploring the idea of “collapsable rooms”, particularly for a secondary bedroom space for their young adult daughter.  A “move home module” will allow for the entire room to disappear when it is not in use.  

This project is currently in the aprovel phase. Stay tuned to see the progress and finished project.

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