The Architect Builders Collaborative are very excited to see one of our first of laneway houses nearing completion. The construction of the project began in November 2021 and is scheduled to be finished around October 2022. As the Builders and their crew are in the home stretch, we’d like to take you for a virtual tour. You’ll see both our rendered design and current construction progress.

This Two Story Laneway Suite is partly constructed in a tree protection zone. Working closely with our engineering partners we used helical piles to construct the part of the building that falls within the tree protection zone to prevent damage to the tree roots.

The laneway suite replaces an old garage while maintaining its footprint. To ensure privacy, this laneway suite features an inverted layout with the kitchen and living room on the second floor and sleeping accommodation on the first floor facing the back yard. Stratigically placed Clerestory windows and skylights allow for an abundance of natural light to flood the suite.

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