Building a Laneway Suite allows for multiple generations of a family to live on one property. In this case the clients built a Laneway Suite in their backyard which they will be moving into, allowing for their children and grandchildren to move into the main house; this allows for three generations of family to comfortably share the property as well as be close to one another. The Laneway Suite has large bi-fold door to provide a connection to the backyard as well as the main house so that the familes are able to stay connected.

This 67m² GFA Laneway suite has storage basement and a queen sized bedroom which shares a 3 piece bathroom with a study which can be used as a guest room on the second floor. On the first floor you can find the modern kitchen and dining which are combined with the living room. The living room has a feature bookcase that doubles as a hidden door that allows access to the basement.

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